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Hosting a food drive is a fun and easy way to help those facing hunger in our community! By working together with your friends, family members, co-workers, classmates and neighbors, you can help feed local families in need. Please click the green button below to fill out our registration form.
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With the Food Bank’s limited time and funds, we need to maximize our resources as much as we can.  If you plan to utilize the Food Bank’s drop off and pick up service, please commit to collecting at least 200 pounds of food (about 1 full barrel) per location.

How will the Food Bank receive your food drive donations? (Please note: We are unable to pick up food donations from residential addresses.)

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Please note: We are unable to deliver to or pick up from residential addresses.
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Virtual food drives allow individuals to help the Food Bank purchase healthy, nutritious food items by donating securely online with a credit or debit card. This is a great option for those who want to increase their impact or make participation more accessible. Virtual Food Drives give supporters the option to donate food online and/or donate to a physical food drive. Virtual Food Drives are often held in conjunction with physical food drives to provide participants with multiple giving opportunities. The Food Bank uses funds raised through the Virtual Food Drive to purchase food items on the wholesale food market.
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Thank you for signing up to host a food drive for the San Diego Food Bank benefiting local families in need. You should receive a reply email confirming your registration within 72 hours.